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I have total 10+ years of experience in Tivoli Workload Scheduler Administration and Operating system L1, L2 and L3 level activities.

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I am currently working in Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd as Tivoli Workload Scheduler administrator from December 29th ,2016 till date.

Before joining CapGemini I worked in IBM India Private Ltd as Tivoli Workload Scheduler Administrator from July 23rd  ,2012 to December 27th 2016., previously worked with GMS Software Solutions (consultancy) as a TWS Administrator for the client IBM, from 18th April 2011 to 18th July 2012 after which I got converted as regular IBMer.

Before GMS I worked as an associate (System Administrator) in AIX L1, L2 and TWS L1, L2 and L3 level for Connectiva systems in Noida under Bharti Airtel project from September 15th, 2008 to April 14th, 2011.

L3 level:
•    Completed TWS environment upgrade from version 8.6 to version 9.3.
•    Created proposal to the client on the TWS upgrade activity and got appreciation from client.
•    Perfromed silent installation of TWS Master.
•    Setup TWS FTA on cloud environment.
•    Taken up administration of HORIZONT TWS/WebAdmin and ProcMan tool.
•    Handling the transition of Covestro TWS environment to t-systems automic tool.
•    Customizing unix shell scripts as per requirement.
•    Setup FTP/SFTP jobs.
•    Taking care of any L3 issues which arises 24/7.
•    Handling Weekly Service Review call with customer.
•    Creating tracker for any activity and performing the follow up.
•    Setting up and managing new requirement with the kick off meeting.
•    Implemented Service Improvements by fixing long pending issues and by reducing downtime.
•    Created documentation of TWS upgrade activity and shared with the team and provided knowledge transfer.
•    Created checklist for TWS activity and shread with the team so that in case of my absence team will take care of the activity and inturn there will be no gap in the process.

L1 level
•    Agent link/unlink with fencing.
•    Validate Job [/] Schedule requirements
•    Add a Job [/] Schedule
•    Modify a Job [/] Schedule
•    Delete a Job[/] Schedule
•    Validate Job [/] Schedule executes
•    Close request
•    Ensure a request has been opened & approved
•    Validate User against authorization list
•    Hold of a Job [/ ]Schedule
•    Release of a Job [/] Schedule
•    Skip of a Job [/] Schedule
•    Cancel of a Job [/] Schedule
•    Close request
L2 level
•    Obtain FTA Agent requirements
•    Checking Pre-requisites for agent installation.
•    Designing documents.
•    Add FTA / Agent
•    Modify FTA / Agent
•    Delete FTA / Agent
•    Validate FTA Agent Links
•    Resolve FTA Agent Unlinks
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